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October 2012

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Yexels’ Toy Museum


One lazy afternoon, we were lounging around the house just randomly switching channels when we chanced upon this tv program featuring things you can do or places you can go to indoors, especially during the rainy season. There were lots of cool places to visit, but what stood out from the list is Yexel’s Toy Museum. Why? It’s located very near where we live (we live in San Pedro, Laguna). I think it has the cheapest entrance fee among the list (haha, yeah, we are cheapskates). AND.. we love toys! I, for one, am a kid at heart. I kept bugging him to take me to Yexel’s. Please, pretty please! Continue Reading

Foodtrip Luzon

Isdaan Restaurant

It aint Bangkok, it’s Isdaan Floating Restaurant.


Every time we go on a trip to the North we always wonder what the inside of the Isdaan Restaurant in Gerona, Tarlac looks like. We finally gave in to our curiosity last year when we took a day trip to Pangasinan due to an errand. We enjoyed the food and ambiance there so much. When we found out that there is another branch in Laguna, we decided to try it out also. And so 2 months ago, we found ourselves going on a road trip to Calauan.[[MORE]]

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