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I left my heart in San Pedro, Laguna

Ok, this will be my first article before I go further to any places here in the Philippines. This article is about my hometown.

CORNY! :))

First of all, let me take you back as early as the year 2000. It was the time when the Internet Relay Chat or mIRC, for short, was the fastest way to meet some friends, girlsand to be laid. Disregard the laid part. Whenever I met someone online and they asked about my location, they had no clue where San Pedro was. And then I asked them back if they knew Pacita Complex. They thought that San Pedro, Laguna is a  barangay located in Pacita Complex. LOL

To set things right, Pacita Complex is part of Barangay San Vicente, San Pedro, Laguna. San Pedro is the first town in the first district of Laguna.

Well, anyway. What do we have here?

This is the first thing you’d see when you get to San Pedro. We have a Giant Egg-Laying Rooster. Where the hell else on Earth can you find a Giant Egg-Laying Rooster?

Before, agriculture, fishing, duck raising, fruit trees, and sampaguita were the main sources of income of its residents but now it’s getting commercialized. In fact, you can still go fishing there, so make sure you are equipped (better picking spinning reels at, they have seasonal discounts).

In the early days, we are all well-known in Sampaguita before some Land Developer came and turned every Sampaguita garden to some residential area. But we still celebrate our Sampaguita Festival every 21st and 22nd of February.

San Pedro holds the record of laying the longest sampaguita (flower lei) line spanning 3.6 km (2 mi), from Biñan City-San Pedro boundary to San Pedro-Muntinlupa City boundary on the National Highway, making them listed in the Guinness World Records in 2009.

What else? Ah, yes! It was in the middle of year 2000 when San Pedro, Laguna had been highlighted and had been a part of every local television news and even some AM Frequency.

Why? San Pedro became infamous because of Jueteng. In addition, it also gained popularity and it’s national highway was sometimes called the National Highway of Red Light District during that time. Sorry to bring this back. And just last year, there was this Road Construction issue.

Well, anyway? What else. The Pansit Machiang.


The famous Pancit Machiang of San Pedro, Laguna. This delicacy is made from Pansit, Egg, ketchup and some Gizzard, I guess. Well, better try it if you get lost in San Pedro, Laguna.

One of the most well known churches in the Philippines, the Santuario de Jesus en el Santo Sepulero at Barangay Landayan has a lot of devotees during holy week.

And to finish everything.. We also have a lot of talented artists here like me. jk.


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