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Isdaan Restaurant

It aint Bangkok, it’s Isdaan Floating Restaurant.


Every time we go on a trip to the North we always wonder what the inside of the Isdaan Restaurant in Gerona, Tarlac looks like. We finally gave in to our curiosity last year when we took a day trip to Pangasinan due to an errand. We enjoyed the food and ambiance there so much. When we found out that there is another branch in Laguna, we decided to try it out also. And so 2 months ago, we found ourselves going on a road trip to Calauan.[[MORE]]



It was a Sunday when we went there and the restaurant was packed full of hungry people. We waited for a few minutes before being ushered in. The wait is well worth it. Once inside, we wanted to take pictures at once but we decided to wait for a while and ordered food first.


Since it’s a “seafood” restaurant, we ordered, well, um fish hehe. First dish is chopsuey. This has got to be the best chopsuey I have ever eaten (except for my mother’s. Mommy’s cooking is the best, no questions asked. haha). It’s a simple meal, but hearty. Next, we had adobong pusit. This was my least favorite dish, though. I found the squid a bit tough for my liking. We also ordered fried pla-pla. And the star of our late lunch (we arrived at Isdaan around 2:30-ish; we were trying to avoid the lunch crowd but were not so successful. When we got there, we still had to wait awhile to get a table.), is the seafood kare-kare. The sauce is so yummy! Sarsa pa lang, ulam na. A must-try, indeed! We highly recommend that you try their seafood kare-kare.


While waiting for our food to arrive, we were entertained by the restaurant’s attractions. There was a show featuring dancers, acrobats, and even a Coconut King who uses his teeth to peel a coconut. That guy must have really strong teeth, I bet.


What got me thinking, though, is if the name of the restaurant is “Isdaan” which pertains to fish, what the heck is a large ape doing there looming over the entire restaurant? You could even spy Spidey hanging out on top of the roof of one of the buildings (I think that was the comfort room). Let’s not even forget the Incredible Hulk making you want to yell “Taksiyapo!”. My first thought, aside from the mermaid buddhas, was that Spidey, Iron Man, the Hulk and even the angry birds were a bit out of place there. But then when we got to explore the place, it made me realize that Isdaan is not just a restaurant; it’s also a theme park as well. We had lots of fun taking pictures of most everything and even climbing inside eggs and on statues of buddhas. You may even do a bit of fishing there, if you like.image

There was this sort of bridge in the middle of Isdaan. This is the famous San Kilo bridge, if I’m not mistaken. When we were in Tarlac, there was also one such narrow bridge. We were told that you may try to cross the narrow bridge without falling while holding a bucket in each hand. The prize is a kilo of fish which the staff will be happy to cook for you. Since we didn’t bring a change of clothes, we regretfully didn’t try to step up to the challenge. T.T




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Isdaan Floating Restaurant in Calauan is located along the highway so it’s quite easy to get there. Despite a little mishap due to an overheated engine, the traffic en route to Calauan was hassle-free.

How to get there:


For public transportation:

Ride a bus bound to Sta Cruz, Laguna. Just ask the driver to drop you off at Isdaan. 🙂

For private vehicle:

Take SLEX then exit at Calamba. Follow the road straight to Los Banos. From Los Banos, there’s a crossing for Calauan town proper, Sta Cruz and Bay, Laguna. Take the Sta Cruz way. On the right side will be Isdaan, roughly a kilometer away from the Crossing.

Happy foodtrip!

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