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Getting High from Smoke

As we were famished when we arrived at the hotel (none of us had breakfast that morning), the first thing we did was to ask around for a nice yet inexpensive restaurant. We figured that since we’re on vacation and well away from the hustle and bustle of city life, we might as well try the local cuisine. Smoke Resto was highly recommended by the staff at Hey Jude Hotel so we decided to try it out. But we didn’t get to eat there until the next day.

The kind staff at the hotel told us that we already passed the resto on our way to the hotel. We realized that we did pass by a little restaurant. Quite a number of people were eating and waiting to be seated when we got there. It was almost 2pm and still the place was still jampacked. Thankfully, a nice foreigner offered to transfer tables so that all 4 of us could be seated at once. Yaay, good samaritan. ๐Ÿ™‚

 photo smoke-1-1024x575_zps7e7bd143.jpg

Ambiance? It was alright but if you’re looking for a quiet place to have lunch, this is not the place. It is situated in front of a mini-market place. Tricycles and other service vehicles frequent the little walkway between the resto and the market. And yet, the place is clean and neat. However, we noticed that the resto may be lacking in staff. The staff consisted of a server/ordertaker, the cook/chef, and the cashier. Nevertheless, the food came on time and the server was attentive to our needs. And the music was nice. It was a mixture of different cultures.

Callย 288-6014ย for your Boracay delivery.

And now, the food. ๐Ÿ™‚ Some of the items in the menu were quite familiar to us as they are typical Filipino dishes. The food was delicious, and most importantly, affordable especially for people like us who are on a budget. These are what we ordered.

 photo smoke-7-1024x575_zps10ba1f8d.jpg photo smoke-13-1024x575_zps6665a895.jpg photo smoke-9-1024x575_zps5c4e7b2d.jpg photo smoke-12-1024x575_zpse4e526a2.jpg
 photo smoke-10-1024x575_zps4cbf8fbd.jpg photo smoke-8-1024x575_zps1cb1b5bf.jpg photo smoke-11-1024x575_zpse2954442.jpg
Mouth-watering, right? Just wait and see what we had for dinner the night before. :))
 photo smoke-14-1024x768_zps96ce5fcf.jpg

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