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Plato D’ Boracay Resto

Hello there! Part of the Boracay Virgin tour is the Food. When you look at me, you won’t think that I love to eat, much less seafood. Let me correct that — I love to eat, most especially seafood. To begin, one of the most visited or let us say the place to go to when you hear your stomach grumbling is D’Talipapa of Boracay.

What is a Talipapa? Talipapa is a small fish market. What differentiates D’Talipapa from other talipapas? This place is surrounded by Paluto Service (Cooking Service). How it works? All you need to do is buy some seafood on the talipapa and set the menu. OH YEAH! I mean, “take your seat, relax and they’ll do the rest” and then “Lapang!” What about the other ingredients like soy sauce? No need to worry. They already have it covered and it’s part of the deal in Paluto.

 photo paluto-3-600x337_zps4ee2bbe2.jpg

Firstly, buy some seafood from the Talipapa. There are a lot of vendors with a lot of items to choose from. When we got there, it was already past 7PM but you can see that the market was still so lively and even the foreigners have learned the skill of the Filipinos — the so-called “TAWAD MODE ON”. Katz has been here for 4 times already and she recommended the Plato D’ Boracay Resto in front of Sally’s Seashells.

 photo paluto-9-1140x550_zps31cbee33.jpg

So, we have our seafood and have chosen the style in which to cook it. We gave the seafood to the staff. Remember the “OH YEAH!” thing? In this kind of season (peak season), you cannot apply the Sit back, Relax and Eat. In our case, it was  Stand, Wait, Observe, Patience, Run for the available table. After which, we can Relax then Eat. I didn’t want that ‘coz I was already starving, but we didn’t have any choice.

 photo paluto-11-1024x575_zpsf45a3d02.jpg

The first dish that was served was the clam dish above. The sauce was good, even exceptional, but the meat is bit like  chewing a bubblegum. Some pieces were still a little bit raw and some were even jawbreakers. Since it was our first time to try this dish, we thought that perhaps it was served like this or maybe it’s because of the peak season and they were in a rush so as not to keep the other customers waiting. But that will be not a good excuse. They said there’s always a second shot, perhaps I’ll try this dish again next time.

The second dish was much better than the first. The clam was cooked evenly. The sauce was good. We can’t wait for the next dish.

And my most waited, the shrimp dish. I have noticed that they have a merely simple presentation, but who cares? I’m starving. My comment? My compliments to the chef.

The first spoon always get the reaction.

 photo paluto-14-1024x575_zps640677b6.jpg
 photo paluto-12-1024x575_zps91b43b3f.jpg
 photo paluto-13-1024x575_zpsc34eaa17.jpg

To finish this of, the Plato D’ Boracay Resto is located at  D’ Talipapa, Boracay IslandMalay, Aklan, Philippines

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