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Silly Sicily Sunday

Two Sundays ago, my aunt and uncle came to our house for a visit. Actually, we were all going to Pangasinan the next day to visit my grandmother. There was nothing to do at home so my aunt asked us where the nearest mall is. And in less than 30 minutes, we were on our way to Festival Mall in Alabang

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It was nearing 6pm when we got to the mall and Auntie was urging us to choose a place to eat. Chicken? Pasta? Pizza? The restaurants and fast foods on the second floor were full of people. There was no empty seat available, much less a table. So, we walked a bit more and stumbled on this new restaurant. And yaay, it’s Italian! 🙂 Oh, did I mention that I love Italian food?

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To have seen Italy without having seen SICILY is not to have seen Italy at all.

There was so much green in the restaurant. I like! 🙂 My cousin commented that the green matched the color palette on my little sister’s wedding. It did, actually.

Once we were seated, the waiter handed us the menu. Or should I say, THE MENU. O-M-G! The menu cards were HUGE! We had fun taking pictures of the big menu cards. And what’s great is that they have their Make-your-own-pizza and Make-your-own-pasta options. Nice!

We ordered the following:

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Auntie and Uncle ordered the Square-Pesto-Mozarella-Sausage-Basil Pizza. Plus, a gyro, which my uncle said was a sort of Italian taco. Haha!

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For the pasta, we had the Spaghetti,

 photo sicily-16-1024x575_zps3fd6c4ef.jpg

And we ordered the Circle-Tomato-Parmesan-Bell Pepper-Rosemary Pizza.

While waiting for the food to arrive, we were given appetizers. Quite delicious. 🙂

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Very delizioso!! ^_^ Next time, I wanna try the risotto and tortellini. 🙂

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