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Happy New Year!

First of all, I did not intend to go to an overrated island paradise but I did, anyway. This was my first time to set foot on Boracay. Would you believe that this was also my first plane ride?  🙂

How to get there?

Every travel guide/blog already have this article. In conclusion, If you don’t have that much time to enjoy/spend your vacation, the fastest, easiest and most convenient way to get to Boracay is to get a flight to Kalibo or Caticlan.

 photo bora-1-1024x575_zps2f13d0fb.jpg

It’s much better than the alternative. which is spending 15 hrs on a RORO.

From Kalibo Airport to Caticlan Jetty Port

Once you have arrived in Kalibo Airport, there are lots of barkers offering a ride package to get to Boracay. VAN + Ferry = Php 250.00 . 1 – 2 hrs or 65kms+  drive to Caticlan Jetty Port and a 5-minute ferry ride.

 photo bora-1-2-1024x575_zps2dcf6844.jpg

We had set our deal with Oyster Ferry. Their staff even offered to arrange our tickets for departure from Caticlan. Convenient, right? They even gave us free Classified Ads of Boracay.

And lastly, a Tricycle ride to Station 2 or D’Mall. Php 100.00

 photo bora-1-3-1024x575_zpsc86fc222.jpg

Where to stay?

According to the list of, there are 124 Hotels in Boracay and I guess, it’s still counting. You have a wide range of resorts/hotels to choose from. We have decided to stay on Hey Jude Hotel. Though there are a few bad comments on some websites like agoda or tripadvisor, we still decided to book this hotel because we’re on a tight budget. On the bright side, we didn’t experience some of the negative comments about this hotel, such as unaccommodating/snobbish staff.

Hey jude, don’t make it bad. Take a sad song and make it better. Remember to let her under your skin, Then you’ll begin to make it Better better better better better better, oh.

Another good thing about this hotel? The location. It is located in the middle of D’Mall and just 2 – 3 minutes walking distance to the beach. So if you need some stuff or going out to eat, this hotel is surrounded by restaurants like Mang Inasal, Andoks, Smoke. There is even a 24/7 Mini Mart.

 photo bora-13-1024x575_zpsafad3790.jpg

What else? Hot and Cold Shower, Cable TV, Wi-Fi Connection and a mini vault.

Check-In Time: 2:00 PM Check-Out: 12:00 nn

Free Breakfast! Just a typical breakfast meal. I’ve heard that other hotels offer a buffet breakfast meal.

Downside: No Ref. Wi-Fi Connection is too weak — you need to access the wi-fi in the balcony.  Bathroom getting flooded because of the little hole from the shower area. Mosquitos O_O

D’mall D’boracay, Balabag, Malay  Borac 5608 (036) 288 5401

The Beach

Speechless. Even if there are lots of seaweeds because of the previous storm, Quinta.

 photo 2012-12-30-1387-1024x575_zps02c250c3.jpg  photo bora-1-101-1024x575_zpsf5077f39.jpg  photo bora-1-71-1024x768_zps8456f117.jpg

What to do?

There are lots of activities in Boracay. Water and Land Activities. They have Helmet Dive/Reef Walking, Island Hoping, Banana Boat, Fly Fish, Kite Boarding, Kayak Island Hopping, Tornado Jet Boat, Scuba Diving, Jet Ski, Parasailing, Wind Surfing, ATV, Zorb, Zipline and many more.

But we just decided on the Helmet Dive and the Island Hopping.

Helmet Dive

 photo bora-1-11-1024x575_zpsb32d8fb2.jpg

One of the most, or let’s say, must avail water activity in Boracay is the Helmet Dive for Php 700.00. A 30-minute dive, if you can take that long in 15 feet below. And you can make a “TAWAD MODE ON” up to 600Php, depending on the season. A cd containing pictures and a video of your helmet dive experience will be delivered to your hotel. Before you go dipping with the fish, there will be a brief orientation for safety reasons and how to communicate with the diver. The helmet weigh at least 32 Kilos (on land) and weighs down up to 2 kilos when you are already on the sea floor.

2 Kilos my 3ff!N @$$!!!! It’s like I’m carrying 25 Kilos of weights on both my shoulders. And one of the Helmet had a hose malfunction.

This is not the type of helmet you want to mess up with. Better choose the white one. I’ve heard the white ones are so much lighter than these yellow ones.

In this video, you will see how the fish molested our finger. 🙂

 photo bora-11-1024x768_zps7e0deef7.jpg

Island Hopping

In every travel, this activity is the one that I don’t want to miss. So we were able to avail this exciting hopping for the price of Php 1,500.00 but the regular price is Php 2,000.00. The tour includes a 3 Island hop, which is Crystal Cove, Crocodile Island with Snorkeling and Puka Shell Beach.

 photo bora-1-10-1024x768_zps40003f1e.jpg

First hop, Crystal Cove Island (formerly Tiguatian Island) which lies just a short boat ride away between Boracay and Caticlan and has an entrance fee of Php 200.00. It’s like a park which has some pond, aviary and statues. The main attraction though in this place is the 2 coves. Sadly, we weren’t able to go dipping in the cove because of the enormous waves whipping around on the cove. For a better look or experience on the cove, Summer is the best season. And I also recommend this place if you want to shoot your Pre-Nuptial Pictorial.

And sadly again and for safety purposes, we have decided not to continue Island Hopping Activity because of the gigantic waves. And the saddest part, the two guides still continued the tour even if we already insisted to go back than to be swallowed by the waves. Second Stop, Crocodile Island to do some Snorkeling.

IN THE NAME OF YOUR MOTHERS GRAVE! How on Earth will we have snorkeling done with those massive waves? Maybe Surfing will do.

And still, they pushed to the third stop, the Puka Shell Beach even if we have told them for the fifth time that it’s done.


Sorry about that. 🙂 Well, the best way to enjoy the Island Hopping is do it in the summer.

 photo bora-1-9-600x450_zps29ae363b.jpg

Get Braid 🙂

 photo bora-1-24-600x791_zps99258c07.jpg

I have always wanted to get my hair braid or dreadlocks, so I did for Php. 200.00. I already have several tattoos so I didn’t get the Henna Tattoo coz I’m a former henna tattoo artist.

Where to Eat?

Actually, we have a separate article on some of the Resto or any Food Service in Boracay. But I’m gonna list down some stores. They already opened a McDonalds branch, Andoks (which is always full), Mang Inasal, Yellow Cab, Army Navy and Smoke Resto. There is also D’Talipapa if you want a paluto service and many more.

New Years Eve

A day before New Year’s Eve, restaurants were already starting to offer reservations/tickets for the buffet dinner. Prices range from as low as Php. 600.00 to as high as Php. 3,000.00. This includes a nice view of the fireworks display, performances by some celebrities, fire dancers, bands and even a free drink or two.

Unfortunately, we weren’t able to avail of reservations at the bar/restaurant that we wanted (Epic Bar), because there are no more slots. At Php. 500.00, we can get a ticket which includes 3 free drinks but there are no more seats available. T.T

It was drizzling on New Year’s Eve. Initially, we have decided to just have dinner at Yellow Cab, then have drinks + sisha. Because of the slight rain, we just chose to take cover at the nearest restaurant in Station 3. They also offer buffet at Php. 700.00 and they even had a reggae band. For the life of me, I cannot remember the name of the restaurant. Exactly after we finished our meal, the rain stopped and the Yellow Cab sign appeared. We were surprised to find out that just beside the restaurant is Yellow Cab.


The fireworks were awesome! However, it would have been a much better spectacle if the fireworks were lighted all at the same time.

Party People

We were strolling by the beach and we decided to just have a relaxing New Year’s Eve while waiting for the fireworks to start. We came upon the Mint Bar which has a really relaxed atmosphere. We ordered sisha and drinks.

The foreigners were so wild! They enjoyed the marching band and said it was a bit like Mardi Gras. There were people wearing costumes and masks. Someone was dancing on the streets and was just wearing a pair of leather BIKINI. Take note: he is a male. Then out of nowhere, a guy threatened to tear his shorts in front Katrina. :))


 photo bora-1-22-1024x768_zps433e59a9.jpg

These are just some of the souvenirs you can buy in Boracay. Just remember to activate TAWAD MODE ON. 🙂

In Conclusion

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They said it was overrated but if you know which places to go to, you can survive and enjoy.

I shall return and do some bikini documentary.

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