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February 2013

Luzon Travel

Manila Ocean Park

It was one lazy Sunday  and I haven’t slept a wink yet. We have managed to get vouchers to the Seriland Fantasy World,  the newest attraction at the Manila Ocean Park. We have decided to roam one of the most crowded parks in Manila, the Manila Ocean Park. This is my first time to be in that park and I was expecting to see some sea monster, like Kraken or even the Lochness monster. 🙂

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Luzon Travel

Seriland Fantasy World

Last Sunday, we treated the kids in us by going to Manila Ocean Park. We scored a bunch of tickets to Manila Ocean Park’s new attraction, the Seri Fantasy World. We managed to get a good deal online: unlimited access to the Trick Art Museum as well as the 3D cinema for only 149pesos. I suppose it was a good deal; we were able to save at least 500pesos. Continue Reading