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It was one lazy Sunday  and I haven’t slept a wink yet. We have managed to get vouchers to the Seriland Fantasy World,  the newest attraction at the Manila Ocean Park. We have decided to roam one of the most crowded parks in Manila, the Manila Ocean Park. This is my first time to be in that park and I was expecting to see some sea monster, like Kraken or even the Lochness monster. 🙂

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My cousin, Leah, bought some mango for her breakfast. Dude, it was already way past 12NN and take note: you’re late, and still haven’t taken your breakfast.

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After having fun at Seriland, we then proceeded to the entrance and got some tickets. We got the Ocean of Fortune promo which includes the Marine Life Encounter for only Php 500.00 even if we can know that we are going to be jostling with 3 to 5 schools on their educational field-trip.  We can survive the crowd, I guess.

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First stop, Marine Life Habitat.

Ok. Pause. Ok. I will suggest to change the name from Marine Life Habitat to The 3 Swimming Sea Lions. Then next stop, Oceanarium.

Once I’ve entered the area, I saw some rules like “Don’t use your Camera Flash when taking photos”. I don’t know if they just don’t know how to follow rules or they don’t know how to read or they’re just dumb. Like this one girl, she’s trying to take photos with a flash on an Aquarium. Even if you’d try a hundred times and wait till the fish knocks on the glass and says “Seriously girl? It will not work and don’t even waste your time trying”. Obviously in Photography 101, a direct flash to a glass will just bounce and the result will be white. A nice tip for you will be try in a different angle.

 photo 2013-02-03-1798-500x281_zps0bcf0504.jpg
 photo 2013-02-03-1866_zpseccb03bc.jpg

And my cousin was asking why is it that she can’t get a clear shot? I told you, don’t bring your DSLR. Why am I getting a Dark Background? I’ts because you’re using a direct flash. Get used to it.

 photo 2013-02-03-1843-500x281_zpsd1018b65.jpg
About what camera I’ve been using, it’s just my Nokia N8. Sorry about some dark parts and noise on the photos. Well, get used to it, again. Even when you are using a DSLR and shooting in a minimal light you will need to adjust your ISO and the higher the ISO the higher the noise you get. And I’m too lazy to bring my DSLR and what matters most:

It doesn’t matter what camera you have or what brand as long as it can capture memories.

Lastly, I see now that the era of the DSLR has just turned it into a BLING BLING! I’m a little bit off topic.

You Are Not A Photographer. You Just Have An Overpriced Camera.

My real agenda is, there’s a lot of people loitering on the tunnel how can I have a clear shots? They were doing a lot of Photobombing. Can you just even say “Excuse Me?”.

 photo 2013-02-03-1852-500x281_zps7f9d61c5.jpg

We did some stopover on the Antarctica hallway.

 photo 2013-02-03-1693-500x281_zps0bd0fe56.jpg
 photo 2013-02-03-1692-500x281_zpsb122e5ea.jpg

Lastly, the most relaxing place in the Manila Ocean Park. The Jelly Fish Show!

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 photo 2013-02-03-1921-500x281_zps9ec65dba.jpg

P.S. I found a website that might interest everyone :))

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