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Seriland Fantasy World

Last Sunday, we treated the kids in us by going to Manila Ocean Park. We scored a bunch of tickets to Manila Ocean Park’s new attraction, the Seri Fantasy World. We managed to get a good deal online: unlimited access to the Trick Art Museum as well as the 3D cinema for only 149pesos. I suppose it was a good deal; we were able to save at least 500pesos.

Seri Fantasy World is located on the 2nd Floor West Wing of the Manila Ocean Park. It houses the following attractions: the Trick Art Museum, 3D Cinema, a kids play area, and the Mirror Maze. Originally, each attraction costs 150pesos each. So, if you are going to avail of everything inside the Fantasy World, it would cost around 700-900pesos. The 3D cinema features 2 movies but we only watched one. I’ll tell you why later.

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After presenting our voucher to the ticket center, we proceeded to the first attraction: the Trick Art Museum. Judging from the pictures we saw online, we thought that it would be a huge place. It wasn’t. Nevertheless, we still liked the place. “Use your imagination” is the theme in the museum.

If you’re having difficulty posing and taking pictures, the staff at Seri will cheerfully help you out and show you how it should be done. And, they also kept on reminding us that the 3D movie is about to start soon.

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Our verdict: The art was good, but bitin. We hope that there’ll be additions to the museum soon. Another is that it gets kinda crowded inside the museum. When the staff were urging the people to watch the 3D movie, we opted to just stay inside the museum and take all the pictures we want. The museum was empty except for a few people who got the same idea as us. It was less hassle that way.

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It was still a good 1 hour before the next 3D movie so we decided to purchase tickets to the Mirror Maze. We were a bit worried that we might have squandered our 150pesos because the maze looked small from the outside. But don’t judge the place by its appearance. All four of us were excited as we entered the Maze. It was our first time inside a Mirror Maze, after all.

At the entrance, we were given each a pair of these Mickey Mouse-esque white gloves. It’s purpose is so that we won’t leave thumb prints on the mirrors, and as I’ve discovered later on, the gloves also help clean the mirrors as well.

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Of all the 3 attractions that we’ve visited inside Seri, we enjoyed the Mirror Maze the best. If only it were the one in which we had unlimited access to. Oh, well. And don’t be deceived by the appearance of the outside of the Maze. We though it was small, but then we had difficulty finding the exit. The staff will guide you along the way and will even suggest areas in which to take great pictures in. They will even offer to take your pictures. But one thing they won’t do is to tell you where the exit is. Ate gave us a clue. The exit is hidden behind a black curtain — but so is the entrance. We kept on finding the entrance but the exit eluded us quite well. I was almost afraid that I won’t get out because I felt that we were going in circles, which we literally were. The four of us got separated when we were finding the exit and were laughing as we got out. It was a lot of fun!

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Our verdict: We want to go again! ^_^

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Once our laughter subsided, we rested for a bit and waited at last for the 3D cinema. There were 2 movies, and we had unlimited access to the movies. The movie was just ok. It was a bit unticlimactic, actually. After enjoying the Mirror Maze immensely, we were disappointed by the 3D movie. It lacked… something. Or maybe our expectations were high at that point.

Our verdict: We should have foregone going to the 3D movie. It was good, but not THAT good.

All in all, we enjoyed our stay at Seri Fantasy World. Oh, we thought it was amazing that there is a mini-zipline inside the kids play area. If I were a kid, I’d definitely go on that zipline again and again and again. There’s also a Bear Museum which is a sort of souvenir shop.

We’d definitely go back again. Maybe we’ll even see you there! ~.^

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