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Mesa: a Filipino Moderne

One great year! We need to treat ourselves something different, I mean literally. Free from free radicals, real food or I might said let’s forget eating at fastfood at this moment and dine in a better restaurant.

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So we roamed around at Greenbelt looking for a place to celebrate our anniversary and found ourselves in a filipino cuisine. How I miss having this on my meal. It took atleast 30 minutes to serve our order but it is worth the wait.

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 photo 2013-06-01-2033_zpsf65d6a1f.jpg photo 2013-06-01-2034_zps60a1cf55.jpg

Malaman ang Sabaw!

 photo 2013-06-01-2029_zps601933a9.jpg

 photo 2013-06-01-2032_zpsb9b73f36.jpg
Mesa is located at Greenbelt.
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Happy Anniversary Pumpkins! I Love You!
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