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Kuse: The Traditional Filipino Cuisine

Let’s start the month of September with food. Yehey Food! Last Friday, we decided to try not to have dinner in a fast food. As we walked around the mall, we found these two restaurants: Uncle Cheffy and Kuse. I suppose the two restaurants are under one management because they are sharing “merged” space at the mall. We decided to dine at Kuse: a traditional Filipino cuisine.

Fried Garlic Dulong Rice, Php 120.00 good for 2. I have no idea at all about this one and never tried it. So WTF is this? 😀 It’s worth a try — it’s really worth it.2013-08-30-2198

Grilled Bistek Tagalog, Php 300+, I forgot the exact price and good for 4. It’s good but a bit jawbreaker. I didn’t expect that.2013-08-30-2197

Bulalo, Php 495.00 good for 4 – 5 persons. Beef Shank Soup or Filipino Beef Marrow Stew, how I miss you and wanted to have more but I’m already so full. This one is worth it and must have and always be on my order list when I dine next time in Kuse.

It’s a bit pricey especially the service charge but it’s all worth it.


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  • You got a great blog! Keep it up. Good thing you touched base with me. I am following you.

    • Ten

      Thanks! 🙂

  • I’ve tried dining at Uncle Cheffy and didn’t really like it. The service was good but the food wasn’t that worth it. Probably the reason why I never tried dining at Kuse. :/

    • Ten

      Thanks Grysh about Uncle Cheffy but I’ll still looking forward to try.