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RSM Lutong Bahay

One fun tiring Sunday! The gang decided to drive to Calamba to look, inquire and book a private resort for next week. Then we decided to have our lunch at RSM Lutong Bahay Restaraunt in Calamba and the place looked promising.

A peaceful ambience, clean and a nice place to take your family for a treat or for sharing with friends but there’s something not right when it comes to the food. The serving size is good for 3 – 5 persons and the price really way too much that don’t match the taste that we are expecting.
2013-10-20 13.18.24
Suprisingly, the rice was served like “binalot” with one small tomato and one hard boiled egg on top. So our stomachs were getting more excited on what’s next.

Kalderetang Baka. First impression, it looks good and you can tell there’s something different on this one. Yes, there is. More on bones than meat and is somewhat a jawbreaker. Manong Pepe’s Kaldereta is way better than their Kaldereta — even the sauce tasted a bit bland.

Grilled Tuna Belly. This one is really good and delicious. I would like to get at least 10 orders of this next time.

Bulalo. The one that looks like Nilagang Baboy and then still tastes like Nilagang Baboy. What? I ordered Bulalo not Nilagang Baboy. I repeatedly asked my friend “Is it just me or does it really tastes like Nilagang Baboy only?” They have the same reaction. A Nilagang Baboy impersonating Bulalo. Contradicting!
2013-10-20 14.16.00

At the entrance you can see two awards, OK! We didn’t really get what we expected but our tummies got filled so it was OK. Just OK.



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