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We Survived Mt. Batulao

Happy New Year!

Before 2013 ends, let me share with you our last adventure trip for this year. The three of us have never stepped foot on Mt. Batulao and this will be our first time.

We woke up really early and met at 4:00 A.M. in Alabang. We planned a Morning trek to avoid being fried. First, how to get there. Mt. Batulao is located at Nasugbu, Batangas, so we need to find a direct trip from Alabang. Unfortunately, the only UV that directly travels to Nasugbu is closed. We have decided to take a detour to Robinson’s Dasmarinas, Cavite and from there ride a bus to Nasugbu. Ask the bus conductor to drop you off at Evercrest.

We arrived at 7:15 A.M. in Evercrest. Some of the locals are tour guides and the price they’re asking is Php 400.00. I’ve read some blog and they said a guide only costs Php. 300.00. Thanks, we can survive. LOL! We didn’t really plan to have a tour guide and we are used to getting lost. LOL! And the other reason, we thought, why not talk to other locals and climbers and make friends. We took a tricycle ride for Php. 20.00 to take as the “Putol na Daan”, unfinished road work to the Barangay. Or you may choose to go on-foot to the start of the trail.


We took a break at the Jump Off site. We met this couple, Mam Grace and Sir Bernard. They said that this is their second time to climb Mt. Batulao this month. Actually, they visit the trail every month. They were really well-known to the locals and we’ve noticed that they were also giving gifts to the locals. We are lucky to have met them and we thank them on their help as they led the way all the way to the summit.

In the Jump Off and every camp site, there are stores selling drinks, lugaw, halo-halo and buko.


The Overly Photogenic Dog!


I love that dog, he can cook Lugaw. Back to the trail. We took the Old Trail first. It might look easy at first but beware. The next thing we knew we were walking on a really narrow trail, a sharp edge of a cliff on both sides . Even thought the sun is up, you can feel a cool breeze but you’d still get a little sweaty.


We arrived at the first camp and signed up. How surprising that you can see a family with kids having a bonding moment at Camp 1. Camp 1 is the most crowded camp, maybe because it has a comfort room with water supply. And also you can buy a “I SURVIVED MT. BATULAO” souvenir shirt here. I wish I did.


Off we go to the peak.  The locals, climbers and even foreigners greet each other along the trail. A simple “Good morning Sir/Ma’am.” or even “Ingat. (Take Care).” Apart from the beauty of mother nature, that’s one of the things I liked about this trip. Ok, I’m panting. No, we are panting. We’re climbing the rockiest part. Our joints and muscles are killing us but we are almost there. Hold on!

The Peak

No Pain, No Gain! It’s all paid off when you take your first step on the summit. The fresh air, the 360 degrees scenery and the excitement to take some photos. You will forget all the suffering that you have experienced.

Do the Dew for only Php 25.00 on the summit!


Now, we need to get back down to civilization. We took the New Trail. If the Old Trail is more on climbing up rocky and steep hills, the New Trail is like going up and down the hills. The New Trail was a bit easier, but there are only very few trees on which to take a shade in. Only green, green grass everywhere.


We are tired, hungry and wanted to take a bath but all the experience is worth it. To end the year with Fun, Adventure and meet new friends. Thanks to Ma’am Grace and Sir Maynard.



VAN: Alabang to Robinson Dasma – Php 45.00

BUS: Robinson Dasma to Evercrest Nasugbu – Php 61.00

TRICYCLE: Php 20.00 each

ENTRANCE FEE: Php 20.00 (Day Hike) Php 30.00 (Overnight)

DRINKS:  Mountain Dew Php 25.00 per Bottle

LUNCH: Aling Maring Carinderia Php. 50.00 per meal

BATH: Php 20.00 per Gallon also at Aling Maring

WATER: 1 Liter Absolute Php 20.00

BUS: Nasugbu to Tagaytay – Php 28.00

VAN: Tagaytay to Alabang – Php 75.00


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  • Mt Batualo is such a lovely place to visit and I hope I will be able to visit it one day. I love your article and storyline and I do appreciate you for sharing.

  • WOW! I can imagine how tired you must be in climbing Mt. batualo but I can also imagine how happy you are when you reached the peak.

  • Omgosh the dog! haha. He knows what he’s doing. Must be nice to finally reach the peak. The view is breathtaking!

  • Wow, that is exciting. Is Batulao a peak for newbie climbers? I’ve heard of it before but I don’t remember if I was told that it was for more experienced mountaineers.

    • Ten

      Yes it is for newbie or one of the minor climb.

  • I climbed Mt. Batulao late 2010 and it was a real challenge. It was worth it though. I did have mountain dew too and also had buko.

  • I don’t think I’m fit enough anymore to climb any mountain. Haha! But this is something I would love to do someday. The view is great.

    • Ten

      Do I look like I’m fit enough? Haha

  • Beautiful!!! I can only imagine what was the feeling when you reached the peak!

  • Beautiful view mt. batulao. I like you and couple with a green valley background. Unfortunately I did not go anywhere of the new year. Thank for share, Ten.

  • Napintas ngamen! 🙂 hello there fellow Pinoy and Ilokano as well. 🙂 nice blog! keep promoting the Philippines! 😉

    • Ten

      Salamat Kapatid!

  • bcllaguno

    “bernard” po hindi “maynard” hehe masaya din po kaming nakasabay namin kyo at kahit papano naipakita ang ganda ng batulao. kaya nga maraming binabalik-balikan ‘to. sana di kayo nadala at sana makita namin ulit kayo sa mga trails.

    • Ten

      Thanks Sir! next time marami na biglang nagaya sa amin sir na bumalik at sumama sila sa Mt. Batulao. Gusto rin daw nila maranasan ang naranasan namin.