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Survival Holy Week at Burot Beach

Holy week. A time to be solemn with God. To chill and to relax. A peaceful time without someone bothering you, like your boss. And a time for another survival on the beach.

Burot beach is an off-white sand stretch beach located at Calatagan, Batangas , just 4 hours from Manila. It was featured in Rappler as one of the 5 unspoiled beaches in the Philippines.

5 unspoiled PH beaches – Rappler

It’s been said that Burot Beach is a good destination for backpackers.

Let me start on how to get there. There are lots of blogs which tells you how to get there, but in our case, we didn’t want to go to either Pasay City or Coastal Terminal. It would have been a far longer trip for us–we’re from the South of Manila area (Laguna and Muntinlupa City). What we did was we went to Robinson’s Dasmarinas or Pala pala and waited for a direct bus to Calatagan Terminal. This bus is the same bus you would have gotten on were you to go to the Pasay Terminal. The catch is, it is very possible that you wound end up standing and waiting for someone to get off the bus, like what we experienced. Normally, passengers get off before Nasugbu or in Nasugbu. If you decide to go to Olivares, Tagaytay, you’ll just wait for the same bus (the direct bus to Calatagan from Pasay/Coastal); they take the same route. At Dasma, you can also take a Van. The first trip is around 5:00 AM in the morning. The catch is you’ll have to wait for the other passengers. EST 3 hrs of waiting.

Alternatively, you can also go to Starmall Alabang, take a Van to Balayan Terminal and ride a jeep to Calatagan Terminal.


At Calatagan Terminal, once you get off the bus/van/jeep, there are lots of tricycle drivers who would offer to take you to Burot beach but beware, some of them have issues. It’s better to contact a well-known local in that place and have contract with them. So for us we are blessed to have Clarence and his family on our trip. They were so hospitable and with a nice smile.

Clarence – 0905-226-8839 / 0907-395-9639

We travel light. We headed first to the wet market to buy some ingredients for our meal. It’s better to buy everything you need in the local wet market than to carry them in a 3- hour travel and let them get spoiled.


From the terminal to the beach it will just take you around 15 minutes on a rough road and quite a view of mangroves on each side of the road.


Survival with the crowd not the nature. Expect everything in Holy Week. Crowd and Garbage.

From unspoiled to spoiled. You have to pay the entrance fee of Php 130.00 for overnight stay for the security and for the maintenance of the place. But at this rate, the management with a little staff cannot handle most especially the amount of trash. But why depend on the staff? No, you shouldn’t.



You should follow the 6 steps of Reponsible Travel even if you pay an entrance fee.

Some families or big groups, they just dump everything on the shore and leave. Why’s that? And this is not just one group. At the Rockies or little cliff area, someone used it as a toilet bowl. WTF!? SERIOUSLY!  This normally happens in every beach I’ve been to, and yes, even Boracay has an issue on garbage that was featured in Motorcycle Diaries but this one, it’s too much! My jaw literally dropped.

As a courtesy to the next visitors, clean as you go. Bring a trash bag and dump it in the proper place. It’s just so disappointing but we cannot blame them.

Anyway, look at the beach it’s beautiful. So calm and peaceful. Just don’t look behind you; it’s littered with trash. Enough of the trash.

The water was so calm, knee-deep, then some sea weeds with sea worms and Starfish. A lot of starfish. I’ve never seen any jelly fish as my colleagues said that there were a lot of jelly fish in the area, but I’ve seen a lot of sea urchins within the rocks. The sand is off-white with minimal stones or corals.


 So do you want to play with Sandman?



Or simulan na yan?

Ok. Compared to the other campers, we are not prepared. Some of them brought their whole kitchen but for us just, some portable stuff. Oh, btw, there is no electricity in Burot Beach. Bring your own light.



However, if you forgot something, you can get it from the local SST (sari sari store). Even ice is sold there at 20PHP per plastic pack.


I haven’t tried the Comfort Room but Burot beach has provided a portalet. Lucky for us, Sir Clarence offered his home to us so we can used their CR.

In conclusion, the beach is good with an awesome experience but I will never, ever or had a second chance to come back by peak seasons.



Peak Seasons is a great way to hook your friends with newly met friends.


Dasma – Calatagan  Php 130.00 BUS

Calatagan Terminal to Burot Beach – Php 150.00 or Php 50 per person

Entrance – Php 130.00 Overnight

Food – P 500.00 (Adobo, Corned Beff, Maling, Rice, Chicha, Water and 2 Empe Lights)

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