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Surprising Ambon-Ambon Falls

Panguil River Eco Park – Panguil (pronounced as Pangil) was founded in 1579 by two Franciscan missionaries. The town’s name is believed to have come from three coincidental circumstances: One historical version was that it was named after the fang of a wild boar called “Panguil” in the vernacular.; another version accounts to the first native inhabitants of the place called “Panguilagan”; and the third version relates about the place being once dominated by the first pre-Spanish chieftain named Gat Paguil. Source: Wiki

And the other story (or maybe it’s just a hoax) is that there’s a Crocodile Sanctuary beside the Laguna Lake.

Originally, the plan was to go to Pagsanjan Falls. However, due to some circumstances, it became a roadtrip and we went much further than Pagsanjan. According to the weather update, we should expect some scattered rains that day. Luckily for us, the sun was shining the whole day. As they say here in the Philippines, “Weather! Weather lang yan!” It’s still a nice hot summer.


We planned on going to Pagsanjan Falls, we went to Phoebe’s parents’ hometown instead. (Phoebe is a friend and classmate of Leah, my fiancee’s cousin). Her parents offered to take us to their exciting wonderful hidden treasure in Panguil, Laguna. And we thank them so much for their hospitality, for having us and taking us to the wonderful Ambon-Ambon Falls.

In the Panguil River Eco Park, you can set camp for overnight or just have some picnic with your family. The park has a lot of patrons, especially on weekends. So before we get wet and hike for 20 minutes, we need to take our lunch. And what a feast it was!


Grilled tilapia, grilled liempo, pork adobo, and caldereta  for our main dishes. A side dish of grilled eggplant. And for dessert, a sumptuous mango ref cake, and fresh fruits. We didn’t expect this so much food! Thanks again to Phoebe’s family. We are so very much grateful.

They said it is a 20-minute trek to the Ambon-Ambon Falls. They told us to expect to get wet and climb on some rocks. But the trail is friendly especially for the not-so-young. The good thing is they constructed a pathway up to the raft areas. The pathway ends up there; you will need to cross the river using the bamboo raft or you may also swim along beside the beautiful rock wall in the river.

Before you enter the trail, you will need a guide. The management of the park doesn’t allow anyone to enter the trek area without a guide. At the entrance of the eco park, you need to pay the entrance fee which includes the guide for the tour.


River Rafting

Better be safe, rivers are unpredictable so the management provided life vests on the first raft. Expect also that during weekends there will be many trekkers and only one raft is able to cross each of the three river crossings. Be prepared for a slight wait in between rafts.


After 3 river crossings, and 20+ minutes trekking, you’ll get paid by the cold and relaxing water from Ambon-Ambon Falls.

2014-05-18-185 Ambon-Ambon Falls


We surely are going to go back to this place. We look forward to going to the “The Hidden Falls”. Want to join us on our next adventure?



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