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July 2014

Foodtrip Luzon

Calle Arco

Let’s get lost!

Since it’s a holiday, we decided to visit the Rizal Shrine and try the restaurants around Laguna. The night before, we chose to try the Kainan sa Dalampasigan beside the old municipal building of Los Baños, Laguna. Unfortunately, due to the wrath of typhoon Glenda , they were closed and I’m not sure when they will open. Continue Reading

Foodtrip Luzon

Hey Ho G Burgs! Bordyer ba kamo?

Have you ever noticed that the items sold in a fast food is way better-looking in ads than in reality? A burger may look so juicy and yummy in the ads but look so sad and so dry in real life. If you’ve seen the video of Mediocore Fast Food ADS vs Reality, you may realize that some fast food chains might be doing some conspiracy to humanity. I really have no idea why I wrote that part. Anyway, Ms. Gislica Abaya, a friend and a former student of mine, told me that there’s a new burger joint in town. So taking a cue from the Web Ad VS Reality, we decided to try this. Continue Reading