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Calle Arco

Let’s get lost!

Since it’s a holiday, we decided to visit the Rizal Shrine and try the restaurants around Laguna. The night before, we chose to try the Kainan sa Dalampasigan beside the old municipal building of Los Baños, Laguna. Unfortunately, due to the wrath of typhoon Glenda , they were closed and I’m not sure when they will open.

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So.. BAHALA NA SI BATMAN! We decided to push through to Pagsanjan, Laguna and try the restaurant that was recommended by my friend from Pagsanjan, Homer Limpengco– the Calle Arco. Without google on our side, we have no idea where the exact location of the restaurant is. Famished, since we only had coffee for breakfast, all I remember is that we took a jeepney ride in Sta. Cruz to Pagsanjan. But with a hungry stomach? All you need to do is ask the locals.

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Calle Arco is located on the main road near the famous Pagsanjan Arc with the house number 57.  The price range is almost the same as the restaurants within Metro Manila. While waiting for our order, a wave of nostalgia swept over me when I remembered my childhood place. Anyway, on to the food.

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If it’s your first time to dine in a restaurant, always ask for their specialties. The first suggestion is the Sinigang na Baka with Langka (Jackfruit). Langka? In Sinigang? Interesting. Well, remember the movie Ratatouille when Anton Ego the Food Critic had a flashback of his childhood on his first taste of the Ratatouille? It felt sort of kinda like that when you take your first sip of the broth, but a little milder effect.

2014-07-29 12.48.36

Garlic Chicken, another dish recommended to us. We enjoyed it quite a lot. And since the serving is good for 3-4 persons, we had a lot left for take out.

2014-07-29 13.37.23

For dessert, we had the Banana and Nuts Crepe with Chocolate Ice Cream. Always, always leave room for dessert. Can’t get the taste of this out of my mind. We were half way home and I still can’t get over the fact of how good this simple dessert tastes.

They also recommended their Pinakbet and Binagoongan but since it was just my fiancee and me, we decided that we’ll try them next time. And we’ll definitely try the Peach-Mango Crepe with Vanilla Ice Cream as well.

We got there at around a quarter to one and the inner portion of Calle Arco was already full. Good thing there was still a table left for us. Even after the usual lunch hours (11am-2pm), people are still queuing outside. It’s better to go there early to beat the lunch crowd. 2014-07-29 12.32.29-2

You might want to ask the locals where Calle Arco restaurant is located. When we got there, we were a bit hesitant to go inside because although it looked like a restaurant, there was no signage outside. This may be because of Typhoon Glenda’s rage in the Calabarzon area. Anyway, Calle Arco is quite a popular restaurant; all you need to do is ask the locals.

We’re definitely going back to Calle Arco. Even if it’s a 3 hours away from where we live. It’s worth the journey.

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  • I like this Banana and Nuts Crepe with Chocolate Ice Cream looked very inticing!