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A simple lovely Lingayen

Lingayen, Pangasinan – What to do in Lingayen? That’s what I have been searching for in Google for the past few days. But why settle on Google search if you can just ask the locals? I met this guy named “Buboy,” a Tricycle driver in Lingayen. He gave me a mini tour of the city.

The Ramos House

First drop is at the Ramos Ancestral House. Unfortunately, the caretaker wasn’t around that time and you need to set an appointment at Urduja House.


Cultural Memorial Park

Next stop is the History of World War where you can learn what really happened in the old days of the war. For example, they never told us in our History Class about as the landing plan of the troops on Lingayen Beach.


And here are some photos that I took there.

This is my ride… What’s yours?


You can climb up the tank but be careful because the tank is so rusty. Also, if you look inside the tank, you’ll find that it’s empty and really, really rusty.

Provincial Capitol


If you want to really have a grasp of the Philippine history, never ever forget to visit the Capitol. It has been a part of the World War history and it’s open to the public.




Lingayen Beach


This is were the American troops landed and this is not just your ordinary beach. Make sure to put on an SPF 100 sunblock all over your body for UV protection because it’s an open area. People hang out at this place around sundown. Feel free to swim or have picnic there.


The Parks


Lingayen has a lot of parks — beautiful, clean and well-maintained parks.


Where to eat?


Try Gibb’s Ihaw-Ihaw at Kainan, located at Ramos St. (facebook page) where they offer the famous Pangasinan food Pigar-Pigar and also Kaleskes. I tried the Pigar-pigar and it’s a little weird without the Soy Sauce. Kaleskes costs only 40Php.  It tastes like Sinanglao, but this one is a little better.


And Buboy told me that the owner are a group of friends, nicely done!



The Bagoong Isda of Pangasinan is really famous but where can you get it cheap? Where else, but direct from the factory. When you get to a street and notice that the whole street smells like Bagoong, it’s a sign that you are in the right place.


And you can also get freshly-cooked Pastillas Macapuno in Lingayen.

How to get there?

Victory Liner has a Direct trip to Lingayen via Dagupan. The travel time is around 6 hours. If you are in a little bit of a hurry, take the bus going to Alaminos instead then get off at Soconi. Then take a bus to Lingayen. It is much more faster than the Dagupan route.

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