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Hayahay Davao!

HAYAHAY is a Visayan word which means relaxed or restful, convenience, comfort, easiness, fresh, breezy, affluent, cozy, without stress, and without a care in life.

I had the chance to experience some parts of Davao. Everything is awesome, everything is cool when you’re part of a team.
Everything is Awesome when you’re living out dreams.

Where to?

Philippine Eagle Centre


Located in the Southwest of Davao City, the Philippine Eagle Centre is a sanctuary or zoo in Davao. Don’t miss the chance to help our species by visiting them.

Davao Basketball League


Before heading to Little Baguio, we had to stop at this and luckily it’s their Barangay Fiesta (Festival). The photo above is a serious Basketball tournament. It’s an all out game in the mud. For them, it doesn’t matter if they don’t have a nice basketball court, uniforms or shoes as long as they are enjoying.

Little Baguio


While driving up to Little Baguio, we experienced zero visibility fog at around 1:00 P.M. I told Duds that we also experienced this kind of fog in Manila, “Fog of Pollution”. The cold experience at 1:00 P.M. is priceless.

Golden Gate or Yellow Gate


We arrived at Yellow Gate, a garden resort on top of the mountain where you can dine, explore or try their 800 meters zipline to unknown. No Entrance Fee.


Davao China Town


I’m taking photos on the wrong side. Nevermind. Now let’s go to Downtown of Davao. First stop, is China Town. It’s like Raon, Recto or Avenida. The difference is, it’s cleaner.

Crocodile Park


Crocodile Park is located also in Downtown. This is an Animal Sanctuary and the entrance fee is Php. 200.00. I never came here to see more crocodiles, though. The Philippine Eagle Centre also have crocs. I came here to taste some exotic food.

If you want to get lost or get a cheaper ride to Davao, try to learn the Route of the Jeepneys. If you have a ton of cash that will cost you Php. 150.00 – 200.00 of Taxi from tourist spot to tourist spot.

 Japanese Tunnel


Built in 1942 by the Filipino for the Japanese and discovered at 1960. Entrance Fee is Php. 50.00 with a tour guide to tell you more about the history of this tunnel. The tunnel is connected to Mintal via 3 different exits. The first is at Calinan and the others, I forgot.


Lon Wa Buddhist Temple


If you want to feel more Oriental and hear some monks chanting sounds even it its just coming from the speaker, go here. Lon Wa Buddhist Temple is another place to visit. Remember to remove your slippers or shoes when entering the temple.


I feel like I’m in the story of Wong Fei Hung. About the Buddha, Dudz told me that it is made in pure gold.


 San Pedro Cathedral


Located at the Town Proper of Davao City. The architectural design is different from our other well-known Cathedrals.

Samal Island


One of the best white sand beaches located near Davao City is found in Samal Island. I just dropped by to do some scouting and I chose Paradise Island because it is the easiest to access compared to other resorts in the Island. But if you want to try the other resort, you need to contact the resort to guide you on how to get there.


Entrance Fee is Php. 200.00 and the Php. 50.00 is consumable. Some told me that this is like a public resort in Samal Island. The room rate starts at Php. 3,000.00+++.


All alone at the beach, listening to their Live Band and enjoying the weird taste of Durian Frappe. I have no idea how to describe it. It’s a little bit weird.

Night Life at Davao

A Colorful Night Life.



So what can you bring to your loved ones when you get back to Manila? Durian. Someone told me that they don’t like the smell and taste of Durian and that’s why I gave them a 5 Kilos worth of Durian for only Php. 20.00 per kilo and some Mangosteen and Pomelo.


There’s a lot more to do and visit in Davao but unfortunately, the rain starts pouring.

They asked me if I’m gonna miss Davao? Yes.

Next: Hayahay Foodtrip!

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