Foodtrip Mindanao

Hayahay Kaon!

This is a continuation of my Davao Expedition. So where to eat cheap and must try food in Davao, aside from their famous fruit Durian? I am going to make this short.



One of the famous franchise grills in Davao is Penong’s. It’s similar to Mang Inasal or Bacolod Inasal and the price is around Php 90.00 per meal. The difference from other inasal restaurants is that their chicken is much juicier and tastier compared to others.

Station Grill


Similar to price and menu of Penong’s but their Buttered Grilled Shrimp is Superb!

Ihawan at Baywalk


This is another grilled restaurant in Davao where you can eat fresh-from-the-market seafood. The resto is located behind SM Davao and along the baywalk. This Tuna cost just Php 450.00. We decided to divide this in half. The first half will be grilled and the other half will be for the broth.



Kaonanan is located  inside the Crocodile Park. For just Php 560.00 you can experience to eat crocodile meat. I’ve tried Spicy Crocodile Adobo and its serving size if good for 2 to 3 persons. The problem is I’m all alone. Never pass on the chance to sample crocodile meat.

I made this short because I’m getting hungry just by looking at the photos. How I miss Davao.

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  • I’ve tried crocodile meat before and okay naman sya yung lasa. I don’t know lang if pag di spicy kung may aftertaste ang meat nya. But I don’t think I’ll eat again hehehe