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One day at Cebu City

One day in the Second City of the Philippines, One day in the most important part of our History where the famous Blood Compact and Battle of Mactan happened.

Where to Go?

Lapu-Lapu Shrine


The Lapu-Lapu Shrine was erected in honor of our very first hero, a Native leader who defeated Ferdinand Magellan in the Battle of Mactan in 1521.  After the arrival at the Mactan Airport, we decided to head directly to Mactan Shrine to save some time because our itinerary was set in Cebu City. It only took just around 15 – 20 minutes from the airport to Mactan Shrine.

Attend the Mass


It was a rainy morning in Cebu but that didn’t stop the people from attending the Sunday mass and we gladly joined them. The difference from the other Basilicas is that they’re celebrating the Holy Mass outside the Basilica. Some parts of the Basilica is off limits due to preservation or protection of their history.

Inside the Sto. Niño BasilicaDSC00791

You can still visit/explore/view the inside of the Basilica from a window to see what the inside of the Basilica looks like. And fall in line to view and pray to the Sto. Niño.

Magellan’s Cross


When Magellan arrived in the Philippines with his men, they were carrying this cross and planted the cross in the city center of Cebu. Why is it inside the chapel? and the original cross is inside of another cross to protect it from those who want to take souvenirs and also from natural disasters.

Fort San Pedro


Fort San Pedro or Fuerza de San Pedro is a military defense structure built by the Spaniards. It’s a smaller version of Intramuros. Open for public viewing with an entrance fee of Php. 30.00.

Did a Poetical Speech at The Anniversary of Andres Bonifacio.

Veterans Memorial Park

DSC00868 DSC00870

Taoist Temple


It feels like we’re in a different country in Asia.

Rules: Don’t take photos with their Saints.


Learn something about Butterflies and their Moth cousins


This is the most unexpected part of our one day tour in Cebu City. This is not your ordinary Butterfly garden. Jumalon Butterfly Sanctuary and Art Gallery Museum is an open garden. It means it has no net and butterflies can enter and leave freely in this area. Your initial reaction may be an “this is it?” but when Mr. Raymond starts talking about butterflies and the late Julian N. Jumalon you’ll be mesmerized.

Where to Eat?


 The best Lechon I’ve ever tasted was served at this place called CNT Lechon. The Lechon doesn’t need a Sarsa or Sauce like other Lechon here in Luzon that is so tasteless. This one is a must try Lechon Restaurant here in Cebu. Better come early because they have a lot of guests specially during Lunch/Dinner Time.

Price Range: Php. 120.00 1/4 kilo


Where to Stay?

We stayed at the Sampaguita Suite Plaza Garcia located at Plaza Garcia Building, Magallanes Street, Cebu City, Philippines.  Room rates are around Php. 600.00+. The good thing about this hotel is its location. Across the street is the Sto. Nino Basilica and the Magellan Cross and beside it is the Island Souvenir store and also a 711.

Better have a reservation because they are always fully booked. Luckily, even if we didn’t have a reservation, the last room was available when we arrived.


Colon Street is one of the oldest streets in Cebu and where night life happens. And unfortunately, STD are at-large, so you can’t help but self-asking where to get tested near me, just in case.

Taxi Drivers. Same as those in Manila. They will run the flag even when you’re not on the road.

Riding on MultiCab.

The fare is just around Php. 8.00 but you must know what route you should take. They have this coded number PUJs like in Davao.

It may take you One Day to see the all of the tourist attractions in Cebu City but it will take you a whole week if you really want to enjoy the whole Island.

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  • Hi, Ten! When I read this, I badly missed Cebu! Need to revisit it again. Thanks for the post!

  • That lechon… Looks really yummy! Very informative post. Hope to visit Cebu soon 🙂

  • Wait, though it’s almost common sense but I’m just curious why you can’t take photos with the Saints in the temple? I know it’s for respect but are there other reasons or it’s just that? 🙂

    Great tips! Thanks for sharing. This would help those who are going to Cebu on a budget trip. 🙂

  • Cebu is on my wishlist. I really wish I can visit that place soon. Want to try your adventure there.

  • Loved how you managed to do all of those activities in one day! I miss Cebu food and wanted to suggest my fave, STK! (they have really good seafood) 😀

    • Ten

      Noted 🙂

  • Beautiful Cebu! Hope I can go here once I get back to PH! 🙂

  • I want to go back in Cebu and try Cebu Lechon, thanks for sharing your travel experienced. 🙂

  • Oh! That famous Cebu Lechon, I’m drooling. You can’t get out of Cebu without trying that.

  • There’s the Cebu Yacht Club in Lapu-Lapu. Sunsets has always been beautiful on that area. Should check it out 🙂


  • Cebu City is indeed beautiful place and rich in history. 🙂

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  • Ma-an

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