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Lost in the Island of Fire

Forget the gadgets, turn off the phone. Once in a while, forget about the busy life in the city. Sometimes you need to get out of the city to experience something new. Go somewhere that you have never been to. Do something that you haven’t the slightest idea about. It’s best that you don’t expect too much and it’s a best to learn from the locals rather than the internet. That’s how it turned out in my travel to Siquijor.

Getting There.

There’s no Airport in Siquijor. The nearest Airport from Siquijor is in Dumaguete City that will take you just 1 hour from Manila. Then from Dumaguete City, take a Van to the port for Php 400.00 or Rent a Tricycle for only 120Php that will take you at least 15 – 30 minutes.


Board a Fast Jet or the Montenegro shipping line. Siquijor has 2 ports. One is the Siquijor, Siquijor port and the other one is the Larena, Siquijor port. The fastest way is the fast craft or fast jet that will take you just 1 hour while the Roro will take at least 2 hrs. The fare from Dumaguete to Siquijor Port is Php 135.00 plus terminal fee and the fare from Dumaguete to Larena Port is Php 175.00 plus terminal fee. The earliest trip as early as 7:00 AM .

We went to the Larena Port. It is said that when you arrive here, you need to kiss the big rock for safety premonition.


Why Island of Fire? The Spaniards discovered this island and they said it looked like it’s burning on fire from the other side and they were amazed by it. The reason is because of the Fireflies on the island. When the Spaniards set foot on this island, they were welcomed by the king of the island named “SI KIHOD” and they didn’t understand each other. The Spaniards called it the island to SIKIHOD and as time went by, it was called simply Siquijor. It became well-known that the island is surrounded by mystery and enchantment. Like Mambabarang

The locals are gentle, hospitable and friendly.

Where to?

Cambugahay Falls


One of the attractions of Siquijor Island is located at the northern town of Lazi. It consists of 174 stair steps and a cascading multi-tiered waterfall with fresh and clean warm water coming from a natural spring.

There is no Entrance Fee in this area. Just make sure that you don’t leave anything behind.


Salagdoong Beach


Located at the town of Maria, one of the common beach resorts in Siquijor. This is the side of Siquijor where the sun sets.


What else? They have rooms for only Php. 1,500, Swimming Pools, Waterslide, Cottages ranging from Php. 100 – 500 and also Entrance Fee for you and your vehicles.

And? They have a great snorkeling spot. You can also rent the gear for only Php 100.00 that almost killed me.

Other Resorts are located at San Juan, Siquijor such as the Salamangka.

St. Francis of Assisi


Just a hop away from the Siquijor port is their famous church that was established in 1793. It has a bell tower that was built as protection from the pirates and other adversaries.


Old Enchanted Balete Tree + Fish Spa


In the town of San Juan, you will also get to see the 400+ old Balete tree which has a mysterious story behind it. They believed that this is the oldest balete tree on the island. There is also a crystal clear pond where you can experience some fish spa which came from a spring underneath the tree.


Capilay’s Spring Park


Located at San Juan, Siquijor. This spring park that is well maintained and wherein you are free to take a deep swim in it or have a picnic with your friends and family.




Thanks to the Barangay Captain of Larena, Siquijor for giving me a chance to try their Bukayo which is a little similar to Pan de Coco. The difference is Bukayo is less sweet compared to the normal Pan de Coco.


The most unique souvenir you can buy in Siquijor. It represents their ancestors who are protecting them.

Where to Stay?


We met some locals that are working in Siliman University and thanks for their hospitality. If you are planning to stay in Siquijor, the cheapest room accommodation that you can avail is just Php. 300.00 per day located in Siquijor port but if you are planning a beach accommodation the cheapest is Php. 1,500 per day.

That’s all for now and Happy New Year!

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      The Mambabarang. Well, I haven’t experience anything like that.

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  • Great to know that there is an escape just two to three hours away from Manila!

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