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Unexpected Labor

While traveling back to Malaybalay, Bukidnon and waiting for the bus to depart on the terminal. There was a commotion happening at the back of the bus. I turned to the direction of the commotion and even though I don’t understand the Visaya language, I knew that there was some sort of emergency going on. I asked my colleague what it is and he said that “the lady is going into labor.”

Luckily, one of the passengers is a midwife and she did her job so well. This was a chance for me to keep my camera rolling for a once-in-a-lifetime moment in the bus.

It’s a baby boy.


Before you comment, IΒ rest assured, the privacy of both mother and child is secure as I didn’t capture the face of the mother and her child, nor did I mention their names.

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  • Okay. This is like wow. o.o Thankfully there was a midwife on board. Luck is definitely on their side. I am sure the baby boy will grow up to be a healthy young man. πŸ™‚ (http://iamgryshee.com)

  • I agree. This is such a rare event. Good thing the mother and the child was safe.

  • That is a rare experience. They say lucky daw ang mga vehicle na may mga nag gi give birth sa loob.

  • Maybe the mother is experiencing problems which is why she’s riding a bus instead of being in a hospital for her delivery date.

  • This is scary. Hope the mom and baby are safe. If I was there, I think I am going to panic.

  • It’s a blessing, I’m sure the parents were so proud. Very touching captures.

  • Oh my gosh, hope the mother and the baby is okay!

  • That’s a once in a lifetime experience.I’m glad to know the mom and baby is ok. It’s really good that there’s a midwife there.

  • Hope both mom and baby are safe. What an experience!

  • Ray

    hi! how’s the baby and themother? cant wait to read your next article regarding htis

  • len

    it’s a good thing, there’s a midwife there and i’m glad that the mother and her baby are ok.

  • Wow! That’s certainly a unique yet scary experience!

  • I was thinking, what if this happens to me. Gosh! I would definitely file my early leave and will just stay at home to avoid this happenings.

  • Wow, it must have been a distressing experience for both. πŸ™ Very lucky there was a midwife to help them out.

  • This is a very rare experience. Haven’t seen an actual women giving birth and I can say that this is a blessing. thank you for sharing.

  • I Am Corporate Junkie.

    Oh wowww, so scary :s

  • That’s a really unique experience. Glad the mom and baby is safe.

  • Yay! I have witnessed a lot of miracles like that and it was indeed a good blessing if you will help someone delivering. I have been a nurse for years and I love my passion.

  • giving birth at the bus? yes I agree, hope its okay for the concerned that this video is posted here πŸ™‚

  • is the baby a boy or a girl?

  • I am happy for the new born and i pity the mother at the same time.

    This comment may be negative for the conservatives and religious people but it’s the reality we should face. Her, giving birth, Is unplanned. She is supposed to be lying already at the hospital weeks before her due to give birth. And no, If the reason is lack of money then there’s no reason too to bore a child. What else can the mother give to the child if she don’t have money to pay her health? Poverty. Endless poverty life.

    This is why we should be serious with the Reproductive Health Bill and enact it properly.

  • Giving birth to a child is very special and I also want to capture it on video, but with my permission and for family and friends only.

  • I hope the mother was okay that you posted this video. It is a beautiful thing but it is also very private. πŸ™‚