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Dumaguete City

After 3 days of floating in the open sea with waves crashing, shark- wrestling, and eating “WTF is THIS?!”, there it is — LAND! And they called it Dumaguete. Just Kidding, I took the plane.

First thing’s first,

Where to stay?


There’s a lot of lodging or hotel available in Dumaguete. It’s not that I am recommending Hotel Essencia. It’s just that, †it received a 4 stars in Google Review if you google it and the standard room is just around PhP 1,500.00. This includes Free WiFi, Cable TV, Aircon, and Hot and Cold Shower. Some rooms even have a safety box, daily room cleaning service (in fact, the place is famous for their regular collaboration with the best local commercial cleaning company), and free breakfast.


Well, I have stayed here twice: last December 2014 for 2 weeks on the 7th Floor and in January 2015 for 1 week on the 5th floor. The difference is there is no safety box on the 7th floor. And the BIG QUESTION or what is quite SURPRISING is that in the Shower Room, the wall is made of Clear Glass. Seriously! While taking a shower, you can see that on the other side is the bed. And if you are in the bed, you can see who’s taking a shower or whatever he is doing in there. Even if it has a curtain, you’ll still see his Silhouette in it.

What if you’re on a business trip with your colleague and you are sharing the same room? And what if you’re both male? Awkward!


Where to Go?

Getting lost in the city is easy. Just take a Tricycle or you can just walk to see every site of this place. In front of the Siliman Anthropological Museum across the street is the Rizal Boulevard. And here are some locations with photos that I have taken while walking.


Siliman University Anthropology Museum
Rizal Boulevard


Belfry Tower


St. Catherine of Alexandria


†Aquino Freedom Park


Where to Eat?


Balot and Tempura

At around 4:00PM, there is a full-pack mini stall of Balot and Tempura at the Rizal boulevard. It’s perfect if you want to have a cheap but nice date here with your love one beside the bay. Just Kidding. †Don’t be.†Dumaguete has a lot of variety restaurants to offer, from local to western dishes. So don’t be such a cheap bastard.


Jo’s Inato



Why Not?!



Captain Ribbers


Night life? Disco, KTV or Live band? They’ve got it. From the 2 weeks of staying in Dumaguete and hanging around with the locals in a KTV Bar, such as Watever! KTV Bar or Songhits!, I realized that it is better to make a reservation because it’s always fully-booked.

But the most favorite or should I say unexpected event when staying in Dumaguete,†is when we tried the Hayahay Bar. Why? To shake hands and have a Photo Ops with Joey Ayala is Awesome! How lucky am I! And you’re wondering who’s Joey Ayala? Google. According to my source, it turned out that their flight to Davao has been cancelled†because of the bad weather and they decided to play in Hayahay!



And †lastly, never ever forget to buy the famous Dumaguete Pasalubong, The Sans Rival Silvanas.

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  • Chef Jay

    Dumaguete looks so beautiful, and it seems that it’s a bustling city with lots to do! Thank you for sharing such a beautiful city!

  • I have a friend who lives in Dumaguete, her story is different from yours, in her story the place is quiet boring. But from what I read, seems it’s worth visiting! Thanks for sharing..

    • Aaron, may be Dumaguete’s is no the type of place she is looking for when she visited it. I agree with you, as what we read, this place really deserves to be visited.

  • Your screened-glass shower experience is so funny 😀

    I didn’t recognize Joey Ayala in your IG post. He aged (… of course).

  • There is so much to this city. I love how detailed this post is also the photos are great. Thank you for sharing.

  • I’d like to visit Dumaguete soon! Thanks for this

  • I am finishing a box of Silvanas from dumaguete now. There’s so much to see and taste from this city

  • The scenes are so picturesque! I want to try the foods in Dumaguete 🙂

    Live Blog Love by Hazel Asoy

  • Thank you for sharing your experience in visiting Dumaguete! Now I know where to stay should I visit the province

  • Summer

    Wow I like your site name. It’s iloko right? Does all the room has that shower design? just wondering. Sulit ang trip mo nice ^_^ I’m only familiar with the name but not the tourist spots in Dumaguete.

    • Ten

      Ilocano. Yes, Sulit kasi all expense paid yan.

  • Nice pictures! I hope I can visit Dumaguete. It seems affordable especially the place. 🙂

    • Ten

      Yup! They have this eat all you can in Why Not! every thursday for 300+ only.

  • Thanks to this post. Now I know where to go when I visit Dumaguete.

  • I haven’t been to Dumaguete but it looks like a great place to go too! Curious naman ako sa combination ng Balot at Tempura!

    • Ten

      Inde sya ung Normal Tempura, Process sya parang kikiam.

  • I’ve been to Dumaguete only once on an overnight trip years ago. I wasn’t able to explore the city much. I’d love to go back one day.

  • I have never been to Dumaguete but the place looks fun. Can’t wait to book and come there!

  • There are so many historical attraction in Dumaguete. I would also love to try their food and pasalubongs.

  • I like the intro ha-ha :)) But good post! Now I know where to go and where to spend the night yay!

    Oh I love Silvanas <3 Can you send me some ^ ^

  • I have heard about Dumaguete on TV but never really taken a look at the things we can do there. Thanks for sharing this. Regarding your room, it is quite weird to have a shower made of clear glass. I think it’s only ideal for couples but trips for friends would be really really awkward. Would you know if all their bathrooms the same?

  • I have yet to see Dumaguete. I have been invited to go there several times but my sched just didn’t match with the weddings that I was supposed to go to – yup, in Dumaguete. I’ve read and heard of so many stories about Dumaguete, the people ( heard they’re a really friendly bunch ), the food, and how beautiful the place is. I hope to visit during one of my trips.