Cafe Lago

While starving like crazy one lazy afternoon in San Pablo City in Laguna, I browsed TripAdvisor and looked for places to eat. Where to eat? Before going back home, I need to feed the hungry monster inside of me. So, I found this place called Cafe Lago along Sampaloc Lake. It is one of the popular restaurants in San Pablo City — not just because of the beautiful view of the Sampaloc Lake and Mt. Cristobal, but also because their promising menu.

Cafe Lago

The Place

Cozy. The restaurant has a nice garden setup. Selfie lovers can take photos in the garden while waiting for their order.

What I Ordered?

Just playing around with my new Toy Camera and I was in the mood to do some food photography. Looks good, right? Don’t be fooled by my meager photography skills. Photos can sometimes can deceive you. But, no worries! The food tastes even better than what you can see in the photo right now. They deserve their rating and positive comments from other users of TripAdvisor. Good Job!

Fish Fillet

How Much? Price Range?
Cafe Lago Menu

Ok, this is for your reference.  This is a backlog post. I was there last May and I can’t actually remember what is written in their menu. I took a photo of it. The price is actually good for 2 – 3 persons. Better to go in groups and share the food.

How to get there?

Sampaloc Lake

Go to South Station in Alabang. Take the bus bound to Lucena. Get off at San Pablo City Medical Center. Then ride a tricycle and tell the driver to drop you off at Cafe Lago.

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