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Canigao Island

Canigao Island – What to do? Where to go? How’s the weather? All alone in Southern Leyte, bloody hell, who cares? I’m going to the beach. No one can stop me!

As Drew Arellano says in every episode of Biyahe ni Drew:


There are certain perks with having a job that requires you to travel and to stay at least 2 weeks or more than a month in one area. And, you can do whatever you want on weekends. The only downside is, you still have to think about your budget.

Never heard of Canigao Island?

So do I.

So I just spent, to be exact, Php. 350.00 on this trip. Seriously, Php. 350.00 only? Yes, per person. How? I was already in Maasin City for 2 weeks. I didn’t count the travel expense from Tacloban or Cebu, as well as the air fare. And I didn’t stay overnight. So, just do the math if you also want to count that.

Let’s just put it this way. It’s like as if I’m doing budget beach scouting. For you guys. I’m so touched. HAHA! So shall we?

How to get there?


From Tacloban Airport:

You can take a van directly from the Tacloban Airport. Just look for a van that is bound to Maasin City and tell the driver that you’re going to the town of Matalom. For a more hassle-free ride, ask the driver to drop you off at the jump off to Canigao Island. The average fare is around Php 200.00 from Tacloban.

From Maasin City:

From the Maasin City Terminal, look for any bus or multi-cab that is bound to Sogod or Bato. Ask the driver or conductor to drop you off at the jump off of Canigao Island. The fare is Php 30.00 per person.

At the port, you need to pay the Entrance fee of Php. 40.00 and another Php 60.00 for the roundtrip boat ride.

The Island
20150927_160102Ok, so I think we arrived after 20 minutes of boat ride. I guess. I don’t wear a watch and I’m enjoying the view too much. TOUCHDOWN! Perhaps you expect me to critic the place, and give my impression and overall feel of the place. Well, sorry, that’s not gonna happen. XD20150927_135326

Just kidding! I’m just filling up all the spaces.

Canigao is just like the other beaches that I went to. It is a white sand beach and the other half of the island is covered in rocks or dried corals. For guests comfort, they have cottages and portable comfort rooms. It is a nice beach for family and friends who want to go build sand castles, play around barefoot in the sand, go swimming, and go snorkeling. But wait! Some parts of the island is a protected area.

One good thing about this Island is that it has a sign which says:


Guidili ang pagkaligo, Pagpamasol,  Pagpamana, Pagpanginhas og pagpanagat sa Marine Sanctuary.

I have no idea what it said, at first. But, I do know that “Pahibalo” means “Notice” and “Guidili” is “Forbidden”. To roughly translate, “Notice to the public: It is forbidden to do your water activities in this area because it is a protected Marine Sanctuary.” I do hope I translated it correctly.

Kudos to the Local Government of Matalom for still having protected area in our environment.

Fees and Charges


If you are planning to stay overnight or you forgot to bring essentials, this photo might help.


To finish this post, let’s just say that I’m not actually done touring all of the Southern Leyte or even the Northern Leyte area. When I went there, I didn’t really check  the weather in the area. Maybe next time, I’ll go back with a group of friends and family and I hope we have fair weather this time.

Be Safe. #LandoPH

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  • Team Building! My first thought when I saw the images.. I think this can be a perfect place for groups to relax and build good relation ^_^

  • 350.00 pesos is quite convincing! It’s cheap yet the place looks beautiful to me. I honestly haven’t heard about Canigao Island before. I must say, there are still a lot of beautiful places I am yet to discover here in the Philippines.

  • There are really so much to see in Leyte. Missing Kalanggaman

  • Ron Angelo

    Uy… tree house! Judging by your pictures, it reminds me a lot of this place in Lemery. The sand wasn’t as white as that though.

  • Jessica

    Canigao Island is a perfect spot for me! 🙂 Would be lovely to be there. 😉

  • I prefer places with less people. I hate crowds. Canigao Island might be the one I’m looking for.

  • Aika Lopez

    So beautiful. I’ll add this on my bucket list!

  • Michael Angelo

    Tacloban is one of the many places I want to explore in 2016! And I will definitely visit this place. It looks like an amazing place to visit. I wish I could stay on that tree house! 😉


  • It looks beautiful. Truly worth a visit.

  • It was indeed a paradise!