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Kwebang Lampas (Lukang Beach)

I don’t know how and why we decided to go to Kwebang Lampas (or formerly called Lukang Beach). I just knew that we need to get out of the city. The problem is, it is Holy Week time and the last time that we set off to a so-called “Unspoiled Beach” it was a Holy Week, too. Just read my article about last year’s holy week adventure: Survival Holy Week at Burot Beach.

One of the reasons, maybe,  is because this one person said that she wants to go to the beach during this season. The reason she told her parents is that she will just go on a two-day tour of Subic. Why lie? Her parents didn’t want her to go to this place because of some gossip that they heard from their neighbor that this place is surrounded by the New People’s Army. Seriously?


If you’re going to a so-called “Unspoiled Beach near Manila” on a holiday, try to get there before sunrise. Expect the crowds, specially those who are the low-budget type of travelers (backpackers) like us.

What did I bring?

Inside my TNF 50L bag: a tent, a cooking set, 2 snorkeling gears, 4 flashlights, clothes, 2 powerbanks, my action camera, a pomelo, a portable cooler, and a hammock (that unfortunately was never used in this trip). I can’t find where to set up the hammock because it was way too crowded at that time.

The Camp

There is no beach resorts here. Just camp. Also smart additions to your bag: some med-kit, your hygiene kit, and some mosquito-repellant lotion.

The Beach


A very good friend, Pom Regio of Feelgood Traveler and his guests were supposed to be in Calaguas but instead they ended up here because of the unfortunate weather in the sea near Calaguas.


I can’t remember how much I spent in this trip. I do remember that it wasn’t more than Php 1, 500.

How to get there?

From Alabang, take a bus bound to Calauag, Quezon at Starmall, Alabang. Then tell the conductor that you need to get off at Pagbilao, Quezon. Then go to the market and look for a jeep that is bound to the nearest jump off or you may also rent a tricycle to take you up to the jump off.


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  • Looks fun! Looking forward to see your next adventure. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  • Liz

    Place looks awesome and accessible from Manila too. I’d sure love to go here too.

  • I’ve been to Burot beach already but not yet in Kwebang Lampas. That looks pretty fun despite the rumors. I don’t usually believe in rumors too especially with no evidence yet. But of course, better safe than sorry. Hope to experience camping in a beach too.

  • I am from manila..first time i headr of this.. 🙂 I wanna try this 😀

  • Lux

    Going to a place like this with not more than 1,500 Php is a steal! Never heard of it but it’s worth a visit.

  • OMG! I miss PHL! Especially beaches there, this place looks like a paradise <3

  • Michael Angelo

    Never heard of this place before but I think it worth exploring! Looks like you all had great fun too!


  • This is the first time I heard of this. I like the idea of camping hoping that we could do that too!

  • Pearl Paguio

    It’s the first time i’ve heard about Kwebang Lampas 😀 What a unique name. I wish I can travel soon too. Soo many storms in the Philippines right now.

  • Aika Lopez

    i think i have been hearing “Kwebang Lampas” before. Anyway, I am not a camper but I have been wanting to do that. Lucky you! 🙂