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Not Yet Payday in Panglao Island

After visiting the world-famous Chocolate Hills and some other tourist spots of the province of Bohol, it’s time to hit the beach. First stop is Panglao. The only problem is, I need to find a budget-friendly place because my budget is running a bit low and payday is still at least a week away.

My colleague told me to try going to the Dumaluan Beach Resort. Budget-wise, it is reasonably priced and a lot of tourists and locals say high praises about this place. And I’d like to thank my new friends for organizing my mini tour in Dumaluan. I wasn’t expecting it, but it is a welcome surprise.

The Beach


The locals often call this beach as their Mini Boracay. So, how do I describe the Beach? Clear waters and powdery white sand, although sometimes it looks like “Lahar” in some areas. At more than a few feet away from the shoreline, the water is still waist-high. I almost reached the buoyant balls and the water was still waist-high.  There is also a garden of sea-grass which makes it a little bit hard to see at times. If there are sea urchins, I may have almost stepped on it.  I enjoyed the beach even if it was raining. I thought of it as an instant bath tub withs wave and shower above. But I shouldn’t have rented a snorkel as I didn’t get to utilize it a lot. Or maybe I was just in the wrong spot.

Stay Cheap?


It’s not yet pay day and I need to stay on my budget. I’ve decided not to stay in any resort just to save money. But if you’re planning to stay and looking for a cheap place to stay, the cheapest accommodation that you can get is at least Php. 850.00. It is a non-aircon room which is good for 2 persons. You can also get an airconditioned room at Php 1,600 in Dumaluan Beach Resort. But if you want to have some premium type of accommodation, one of the resorts at the Bohol Beach Club offers this type of beach-front cabana that will cost you at least Php 12, 000 per night and is good for two persons.

If you just want a  day tour, like, me, the Picnic Sheds in Dumaluan will cost you Php 350.00 – 500.00. The entrance fee is Php 25.00 and a parking fee that will depend on how many wheels you have brought.

How to get there?


From Tagbilaran Airport, there are a lot of vans which will offer you a ride around the city of Bohol and Panglao and will do so even if you’re in a tight budget. Panglao Island is just around 15  – 20 minutes away from the airport.


Funny Moment

A local trying to have a conversation with me.

Local: anyeongseyo!
Me: ???
Local: you come us?
Me: why?
Local: we……

Posted by Ten Uy on Sunday, 8 November 2015

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  • Aika Lopez

    Funny that there you are thinking how to spend less and here i am loving this post knowing the itinerary is budget friendly. Hahaha. So sorry. Hmm. Bakit mukang lahar yung sand? Sobrang pino? I like the view of the beach. Love love love beaches!

    • Ten

      I have no idea kung bakit mukhang lahar ung sand.XD

  • Dominic Barrios

    Great find on those cheap accommodations! How’s the crowd at dumaluan beach? Based on the photos, there were very few people staying there, which is actually good. Good for people who wants peace and quiet, like me. 🙂

    Dominic –

    • Ten

      In the public area, Crowded but not that much compare to Boracay or Puerto Galera.

  • Will keep some points in my for future travel, thank you and nice photos! 🙂

  • Dunja

    Wonderful place! Photos are beautiful.

    I always travel on a budget and i like it more that way: that ‘forces’ you to go out and explore the place you visited instead of being lazy in a luxurious resort/hotel 🙂

  • Sea grass is dangerous, bec sea urchins are in it.

    We were in Calatagan, and the beach and sand is similar to what you’ve described. I’m w/ my kids and we’re walking towards the ocean hoping find a deeper spot, then kaboom! I stepped on a sea urchin… It not only spoiled our day, the tingling sensation also bothered me for about a week.

    Sonnie | ASKSonnie.INFO

    • Ten

      Are you referring to Burot Beach? If yes, the life cycle in the near shore is dead thats why there’s a lot of sea urchin.

  • Yogo Cream

    I can never forget this place. I went here when I was in high school. I found the beach to be stunning. And I find this funny now. I was so amazed there before since I was eating dinner by the beach and we had strong WiFi. It felt like I was staying in a really awesome place.

  • Klaudias Corner

    Wow , thank you for sharing these stunning photos ! What a lovely experience that was for you , unfortunatelt I can’t figure out the prices , as I am not familiar with your currency . I am now following quite alot of travel blogs , think it’s time to look for a currency calculator to bookmark for your amazing posts !

  • nicolepaler

    Looks like it was a big let down for the Local that you’re pinoy and not korean.. XD Anyways, the recommendations on the cheaper places to stay while enjoying panglao island is a sure hit in my bucket list. I too wish to travel soon to Bohol, and maybe even visit my children’s nanny there sometime soon.. :3 Budget travels like what you had let me continue on my dream that you don’t really need to drop everything and go when you wanna travel. YEAH? 🙂

  • Ouch on the starfish on the beach. 🙂 Panglao is really nice and I have been there a few times. Snorkeling, the trick is to swim out until the reef drops off, and that is where you will see the bigger marine animals, that includes barracudas and shark (rare).

  • So far so Sabine

    I would love to eat in that fancy restaurant which is floating. How cool is that? Dolphins are really my favorite animals (of the sea). I swam once with them but I would love to see them in their Natural habitat! Fantastic place to visit for sure.