Floating Restaurant in Loboc, Bohol

One lazy Sunday morning in November, I made a late decision to try the Floating Restaurant in Loboc, Bohol. Good thing I remembered that some of the nearby restaurants are closed every Sunday. For the past week, I’ve been eating either at Jollibee or McDo for dinner. My stomach really needs to try something new.

It’s 9:00 am already and the restaurant is open only between 10:00 A.M. and 2:00 P.M. The drive to the restaurant is around 30 minutes. I summon thee my Mighty Habal Habal Hero to be in the hotel lobby by 11:00 A.M. At least I’ll be able to get to the restaurant by 11:30 A.M. I certainly don’t want to be on the same wave as the crowd by lunch time. The good thing is we took the shortcut which saved me almost 10 minutes.

Luck is definitely on my side. When we got there,  the line is just starting to build up. After only 15 minutes of waiting, I boarded the boat and was already taking photos and getting some food.

The Food


Basically, the food is not that good and not that bad. Just normal. They have a wide range of food — from veggies to meat and seafood to dessert. They made sure that they will not run out of food for the guests. After this banquet, you will surely run to the toilet. No worries! There’s a portalet on the boat.

Once you get your ticket, you will have a reserved table number and a seat number. So, if you’re flying solo, you’ll have a chance to sit with someone else or even with a whole family. At that moment, I was seated in the middle of one big family which occupied two tables. And then there was this funny moment when I saw my colleague, Mr. Sherwin, on the next boat. He knows the girl who’s seating in front of me and he had a little conversation with her. After which, she noticed that I’m all alone and asked me where I am from. I later learned from Mr. Sherwin that the girl is the crowned Ms. Bohol 2014. And I look stupid in the photo below.


The Loboc River Cruise


What will you experience during the river cruise? The bounty of food, the live acoustic performance, local kids jumping and swimming under your boat, other guests, and the breathtaking scenic experience of the Loboc. Good thing that it didn’t rain that time.

If you wish it to be so, luck will always be on your side.

Near the end or where the boat is about to turn back, you will see a small waterfall. That will be your final destination of the cruise before it turns back to the starting point.

The Performance Level


While cruising the river, there is a solo acoustic act performance. He plays a variety of songs from English to OPM ,then Visayas songs, and even Korean Songs. ♩ Sarange! ♪ Saranghamnida! ♫ Ayo! ♬ Ayo! ♩ :))

But the most fascinating performance that I had seen in this whole trip is the one with the little cute kiddos with the seniors. Playing and dancing the Kuradang Dance and Tinikling with a remix of Bye Bye Love.

Loboc is known for their musical trade. They begin their music workshop at an early age. It’s a big puzzle from them if you can’t either sing or play an instrument.

How Much?

The regular rate for the trip is Php. 450.00 and I forgot to add that this is an “Eat All You Can!”. They also have Senior Citizen Discount for just Php. 300+. Well, I forgot the exact amount. The kids also pay roughly Php. 300. Children below 7 years old are free. You also have an option if you just want to experience the cruise without the food. To make it short, your Php 450.00 is well worth it.

How to get there?


At Island City Mall in Tagbilaran, Bohol, there’s a multicab terminal outside the mall. Look for one with a signage going to Carmen. You can also ask the local dispatcher in the area and say that you’re going to Loboc. The fare is just Php. 30.00. Although, I prefer the Habal Habal. Fast, and there’s no need to wait for other passengers. And, at least I got to see another trail because we took a detour or shortcut which is faster and there is less traffic.

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  • Aika Lopez

    Wow! Floating resto that offers buffet. That day must be your lucky day. The live performances caught my attention. Id love to try this!

  • Karla Ramos

    I have heard quite a great deal about the Loboc River cruise, they say that the food is so-so, but the view is quite great

  • On my bucket list. 🙂

  • Dianne Salonga

    One of my dream destination. I love the scenery and I want to explore the place.

  • Aside from the food and the view, what I really enjoyed in Floating Restaurant was the live music! 🙂

  • Gela Martinez

    Yay, Saw the comment box na! I also love to travel and I’ll definitely put this on my list!

  • Raphael Marabut

    Nice read! I’ve been wanting to try eating in a floating restaurant and this would be a great addition to our itinerary when we visit Bohol. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!