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January 2016

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Binukbok Viewpoint Resort

What do we have here? A backlog! The Binukbok Viewpoint Resort. I’ve been here a few times already and the latest trip that I had there was with my fiancee and family. I am so happy that I decided to bring them here. They enjoyed the resort immensely. This is our place of retreat, our training grounds, and our place of Zen. You know what I mean. Everyone has their own special place. Like Superman’s Fortress of Solitude.

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PreNup at Fortune Island

On a recent family get-together, I showed a sample of our engagement/prenup video to my aunties who (most unfortunately) would not be able to attend our wedding this April. Aside from asking questions about my husband-to-be, they were also a bit curious as to where the photo and video shoot took place. They couldn’t believe that it was in the Philippines. I told them that we went to Fortune Island for the shoot.

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