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Binukbok Viewpoint Resort

What do we have here? A backlog! The Binukbok Viewpoint Resort. I’ve been here a few times already and the latest trip that I had there was with my fiancee and family. I am so happy that I decided to bring them here. They enjoyed the resort immensely. This is our place of retreat, our training grounds, and our place of Zen. You know what I mean. Everyone has their own special place. Like Superman’s Fortress of Solitude.

We accidentally stumbled upon Binukbok last year. Originally, we wanted to go to Ligpo. Unfortunately, it was said that Ligpo was bought by a British national and will not be open to the public anymore. Hearing that news, we rushed to our smartphones and looked for an alternative resort located near the same area. Then we saw it —  a tarpaulin of this resort.

Everything was unexpected. We were taken by surprise.


Let’s get down to the details.

  1. Unlimited Snorkeling. You’ll notice that in most every resort in Batangas, when you avail of their snorkeling package, they will just bring you to another place/island for an hour of snorkeling. Most often is that place is in front of Binukbok Viewpoint Resort. So why not just go directly to Binukbok?
  2. Friendly Staff. Everyone is so accommodating to their guests, even the owner and dive master, Manny Garces. You can even get tips about diving with Sir Manny and he’ll sometimes share some of his funny stories.
  3. Welcome Drinks. Not so fancy drinks, but at least they do serve it. How thoughtful of them.
  4. Unlimited Kapeng Barako. Forget about bringing Starbucks coffee in this area. This is the real deal!
  5. Comfort. There is no room in this area. The only accommodation you will be getting is a Tent. What about bathrooms or comfort rooms? I’ve experienced camping in Kwebang Lagpas and Burot Beach, that’s where I lost my camping knife, and both experiences with bathrooms were a disaster. In Binukbok, they have clean bathrooms, perfect if you have children with you.
  6. Shore. If you’re expecting white sand (or any sand, for that matter), then you’re on the wrong beach. What they have here are pebbles along the shore. The advantage about having pebbles instead of sand is that you can use it as a sponge while swimming.
  7. Sunset. Play around with sunset. This place has one of the most beautiful sunsets I have ever seen.
  8. Bonfire. 

Need I say more?  Just watch the video below .



Right now, I’m organizing tours in Binukbok Viewpoint Resort every weekends. If you are interested in joining the tour, take note of the inclusions of the package below:

  • Group of 12 Persons (Joiners are welcome)
  • 2 Days and 1 Night
  • Van Transfer: Alabang to Batangas (Round Trip)
  • Boat Transfer (Round Trip)
  • Accommodation: Tent
  • Snorkeling Gears and Life-vest (Unlimited use for the duration of your stay)
  • Meal:
    • Day 1 – Lunch and Dinner
    • Day 2 – Breakfast
  • UnliCoffee & Electricity.
  • Service to the Cook and Guide

How much?

Php. 2,500 per person

Contact Details:

Viber: +63 915 4277 344

Globe: +63 927 388 9017



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  • Offering tour services for Metro Manila residents is very helpful and ideal. However, for people like me who has family around the area, it would be easier to go to this resort. 🙂 Will include this for our summer getaways.

  • This sounds like a really nice getaway!!! 🙂 Ahh taking note of this and hopefully we can pay a visit soon. 😀

  • My family’s planning to have a quick vacation and thanks for this post, we might consider this 🙂

  • Airina Desuyo

    I love your sunset shot! 🙂 You sure had a nice trip considering that you discovered the place by accident. Good job! 🙂

  • TweenselMom

    beach looks nice though we are not very fond of beaches na mapebbles

  • Ann Balisbis

    Waaah! This made me wanna go here. I can add this to my list of places to go to this year. And good thing that you’re organizing a tour for this because you made it easy for me! hehe

  • Aika Lopez

    I think i would suggest this to my team mates once they planned to go on a team building. 🙂 though i have never tried sleeping on a tent, guess it would be a good try. 🙂

    • Ten

      well it’s air cool :))

  • Ligpo island is already closed to the public?! Ohh my, that’s why I’m not in favor of amending the constitution to allow foreigners to own a property.

    My only gripe w/ Ligpo are the presence of corals that tend to hurt our feet, is it the same w/ Binukbok?

  • Yan

    Awesome jumpshot! This looks like a fine beach, haven’t heard of it ’til now! 😀

    • Ma-an

      Took around 4 tries before we got the perfect jump shot. It was worth it, though 🙂

  • Is the tour still live? I never tried tenting on a beach but this a good addition to my future travels.

    • Ten

      Yes. Every weekend. But the resort is fully accommodated this coming valentines day.

  • Milton Coyne

    ay sayang i would love to be part of this tour.. kaso ang problema ko di talaga ako marunong lumangoy… langoy aso lang… i’ve seen this place many times sa mga Travel deals and I find it really interesting… hayst magaaral talaga ako lumangoy

    • Ten

      May lifevest.

  • Last year, been looking for places to visit in o nearby Batangas. We come up with too many beautiful places but haven’t heard of this. Thanks for sharing this – and that 2500 is very budget friendly. Will share this to my friends when they plan a trip again.

    • Ten

      Sure and you might also want to try Scuba.

  • Dunja

    Really useful post. it sounds like a great place. Friendly staff, comfort, and unlimited snorkeling and coffee – what else could you ask for?

  • Madz

    I saw the price of the tour and went wow for 2 nights only P2500 and then I realized that the accomodation was tent haha. I’ve tried this when I was in college. This seems like a great option for a quick close to nature getaway.I’m taking note of the details of the tour.

    • Ten

      Well they have rooms if you want and the price range is about 2500 – 10K per room.

  • Joy Priginal

    Will take note of the contact number. I’m planning a trip this coming summer this can be a great option for us. Aside from the beach the kapeng barako excites us too!😆

    • Ma-an

      Hello, fellow coffee person! 🙂 I think we had a minimum of 4 cups of kapeng barako a day 🙂 ‘Twas addicting

  • Cai

    I’ve been to binukbok viewpoint twice and I super love this place. I also have an article about it. Best place to go near manila. I have a lot of good memories here and I super love the underwater world here 🙂

  • Paolo Ruel

    Wow! Thanks for sharing this info, I’ll planing to explore Batangas this year!

  • Ten

    Get bitten by the fish.

    • Like, literally get bit?! Or the foot massage thingies? Hehe

      • Ten

        If you’ve seen the video, you’ll know what I mean.

        • Hihi, I will, sooner or later. Took its time loading this afternoon kasi. 🙂

  • Aw! Sound like a lot of fun! What activity did you/your family enjoy the most? I wanna go scuba diving!!!

  • Fred Erick

    I am going to tell my friends about this. Maybe we can join in one of your tours this summer.

    • Ten

      Sure, just contact the number.

  • Stones and pebbles instead of sand for a change. Seemed fun. Makes me wanna try snorkeling even though I am really uncomfortable thinking of doing so. I know, I’m weird. LOL. The fisher tho! Very colorful! I love it!

  • Pamela Eberle

    This looks like a great place to visit. Very informative post. Perhaps I’ll put it on my bucket list 😊

  • Migs.Alaine Alejandrino

    Unlimited snorkeling sounds fun. I would love to visit this place soon. Php2500 per head is a very reasonable price.

  • Good find. And the video you posted reminded me of a past life when I was a scuba diving instructor having logged over a thousand dives.

    I sure hope they are protecting the marine life, which includes not dropping anchors when boating. They have buoys where they can tie to?

    • Ten

      No, they don’t drop anchor on that area. They have this buoyant thing floating around to tie their rope. And Sir Manny is a member of the so called Bantay Dagat of that Area.

      • Excellent news. Ligpo was one of the better preserved areas. In the 1980s, walang natirang halos na isda sa Batangas Bay na iyan eh. Puro kasi spear fishing. In the 2000s, it was better na, nabuhay din through the efforts of Bantay Dagat there. Hindi lang ako familiar with this resort and the area.

        • Ten

          Ligpo is nabili na ng British at inde na po open for Public.