Chasing Trails and Tales actually started in 2012 with the name Biglang Liko (Sudden Turn). In a few months, the name was changed to Lila Kalabasa and Friends. For some reason, our previous hosting provider was shut down and luckily we happened to have a backup of the Database.

And a few months later, with a new hosting provider, we changed the name a third time to Napintas Pinas (http://napintaspinas.com). We started Napintas Pinas as a sort of travel blog because we love traveling and wanted to share our adventures and misadventures with everyone. But when one of us started living abroad, we decided to turn that site solely as a Tour Organizing Blog.

And that is how Chasing Trails and Tales was born. We needed to separate the business blog from the personal blog. This blog is being hosted by the couple who loves to travel: Ten as the Storyteller and Ma-an as the Editor.

As of May 2016 after a few months of blog hiatus, they continue to share their journeys through blogging.