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We Found Love in Batanes

And so, we are married! And this is our very first vacation as husband and wife! Yehey! 🙂

After all the months of planning and organizing our wedding, and yes, crying (for me, anyway), now it’s time for some R and R! A little disclaimer, though. Since it has only been a little over a month since we got married, this post might contain slight fluff than usual. We have been thinking of going to Batanes for some time now. So, this is quite a dream come true for us. Before we show you the beauty that is Batanes, let me just share a couple of our honeymoon misadventures, I mean, highlights, before we even got to the place.

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PreNup at Fortune Island

On a recent family get-together, I showed a sample of our engagement/prenup video to my aunties who (most unfortunately) would not be able to attend our wedding this April. Aside from asking questions about my husband-to-be, they were also a bit curious as to where the photo and video shoot took place. They couldn’t believe that it was in the Philippines. I told them that we went to Fortune Island for the shoot.

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Silly Sicily Sunday

Two Sundays ago, my aunt and uncle came to our house for a visit. Actually, we were all going to Pangasinan the next day to visit my grandmother. There was nothing to do at home so my aunt asked us where the nearest mall is. And in less than 30 minutes, we were on our way to Festival Mall in AlabangContinue Reading

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First Day of December

It’ll be Christmas all over the world in just a few weeks time. In the Philippines, Christmas season usually starts around September. The “-ber” months trigger the nation’s Christmas spirit. Christmas songs start being aired on radios. Christmas decorations are being put up in most homes. Shoppers start to frequent malls. Children start to prowl our neighborhood streets and sing Christmas songs. And, lights, lights, and more lights are being put up. Continue Reading