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We Found Love in Batanes

And so, we are married! And this is our very first vacation as husband and wife! Yehey! ūüôā

After all the months of planning and organizing our wedding, and yes, crying (for me, anyway), now it’s time for some R and R! A little disclaimer, though. Since it has only been a little over a month since we got married, this post might contain slight fluff than usual. We have been thinking of going to Batanes for some time now. So, this is quite a dream come true for us. Before we show you the beauty that is Batanes, let me just share a couple of our honeymoon misadventures, I mean, highlights, before we even got to the place.

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Tangadan Falls

This is way too much backlog! I can’t even remember the exact date that we’ve been in this place. Anyway, one of the emerging tourist spots last January in La Union is the Tangadan Falls, which is located somewhere in San Gabriel, La Union. I think it has been two¬†months since we’ve been here. Why so late to share this journey? Does it matter? Continue Reading

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Binukbok Viewpoint Resort

What do we have here? A backlog! The Binukbok Viewpoint Resort. I’ve been here¬†a few¬†times already and the latest trip that I had there was with my fiancee and family. I am so happy that I decided to bring them here. They enjoyed the resort¬†immensely.¬†This is our place of retreat, our training grounds, and our place of Zen. You know what I mean. Everyone has their own special place. Like Superman’s Fortress of Solitude.

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